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It was 1916, a mere twenty-four years after the first mintage of the Barber dime, when it was replaced by Adolph Weinmann’s Winged Liberty dime, also called the Mercury dime. History of the 1912 Barber Dime. The 1912 issue enjoyed a rather large mintage, totaling some 34 million dimes. 1912 Barber Dime Coin Value Prices, Photos & Info. 1912 D Barber Dime Value. This Barber Dime was made in 1912 and hasD as the current mink mark. A total of 11760000 of these coins were produced in 1912 and have a. Do you have an old 1912 dime? Learn the value of this silver Barber dime, which mint marks are available, and how many coins were minted. 6-5-11>>> Assuming the coin is a 1912-S Barber dime that has not been cleaned and is in average circulated condition, retail values for the lower grade coins are in the $4.00 to $7.00 price range. As with any coin, the better the grade, the higher the value. I do suggest showing it to a dealer or collector for grading and a better idea of value.

Barber Dime Value Mint state and key date listed Barber Dime values is for graded, certified and authenticated coins in PCGS or NGC holders. The rest are a sample of raw coin sell but this is not a guarantee your coin with. This page is dedicated exclusively to the 1912 D Barber Dime. You will find a lot of information below such as mintages, specifications, and images. Be sure to visit our Barber Dime Forum if you need help. We also have a Barber Dime Grading Forum to help you establish a grade for your Barber Dime. Barber Dime Values-What Dealers Pay. Barber dime values can vary significantly based on their mint year and mint location as well as their overall condition. To illustrate this, an 1892 Barber Dime in good condition may be worth less than $5.00 while an 1895-O Barber Dime may trade for over $1600 in extremely fine condition.

07/01/2018 · How Much Is My Barber Dime Worth? This guide is will give you an idea of how much your Barber Dimes minted from 1892 to 1916 are worth. The table below provides average coin prices and values based upon the condition of the coin. History of the Barber Dime The Barber dime was designed by Charles E. Barber, Chief Engraver of The. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for 1912 10C Barber Dime at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products! 1916 Barber Dime: Minting information, specifications, characteristics, current melt value, and past sales prices. Issued by the U.S. Mint in 1916.

Barber Dime values are based on several factors but mint marks are of primary interest to collectors. The coin’s mint mark, showing where it was struck, appears on the reverse under the wreath. Taking mint year 1909 for example, the most coveted Barber Dime is the 1909-S. Wondering what your silver Barber Dimes are worth? The Hobbizine Barber Dime Value guide lists prices in every grade from Good to MS-65. It also has useful information on factors that drive coin values and understanding coin grading terms. Despite its modest mintage, the 1912-S dime is fairly common across most grades. As with nearly all of the later post-1905 dimes, there appear to have been multiple rolls set aside for future collectors. Gems are only moderately scarce, due perhaps to the excellent strike and luster of the typical Mint State 1912-S dime.

What is the value of a 1912 dime - Answers.

Detailed information about the coin 1 Dime "Barber Dime", United States, with pictures and collection and swap management: mintage, descriptions, metal, weight, size, value and other numismatic data. The 1895-O Barber Dime has the lowest mintage at 440,000, and the 1907 has the highest mintage at 22,220,000. During the course of the series, there were 13 separate issues with a mintage for circulation below the one million mark. Barber Dime Mintages. 10/11/2010 · The value of your dime will be somewhere from $2 to $170 depending on its condition and whether it is marked as a 1912, 1912 D, or 1912 S. Whats the value of my 1912 barber dime? Sources: whats 1912 barber dime: biturl.im/3sI2S. 0 0 0. Patricia. Lv 4. 4 years ago.

Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for 1912 10C Barber Dime at the best online prices at eBay! 1912 Barber Dime Value. This Barber Dime was made in 1912 and hasnothing as the current mink mark. A total of 19349000 of these coins were produced in 1912 and have a silver content of 0.9 and a weight of.0723 oz. The Barber coinage consists of a dime, quarter, and half dollar designed by United States Bureau of the Mint Chief Engraver Charles E. Barber. They were minted between 1892 and 1916, though no half dollars were struck in the final year of the series. 1912 PHILADELPHIA Mint Silver Barber Dime - $4.75. We have tried to do free shipping on our items as long as we could and now with the high cost of usps shipping we must add in a flat rate shipping charge to our items. We are doing a FLAT RATE shipping of $3.00 on domestic orders and $8.00 on international orders. You can purchase 1 coin or 40. The NGC Coin Explorer is a complete Barber Dimes reference guide. Perform a coin search for 1912 10C MS and view images, coin specs, prices, auction data and more!

Estimated value of 1912-S Barber Dime is worth $3.64 in average condition and can be worth $170 or more in uncirculated MS mint condition. The coin. The Value of V Nickels - Today and Tomorrow With the value of V nickels starting at an affordable $1 or $3 dollars. The fact they haven't been minted since 1912 and today's current wave of design changes. All if this combined is bound to create renewed interest in Liberty Nickels. Sparking demand from seasoned and new collectors. Details, specifications, values and general information for the 1912 United States Silver Barber Dime 10 Cents. Also find this coin and many others at the best prices. Barber Dime Value By Date. Mint state and key date listed Barber Dime values is for graded, certified and authenticated coins in PCGS or NGC holders. The rest are a sample of raw coin sell but this is not a guarantee your coin with the same date, mint, grade and holder will sell for this exact value.

Find the current Barber Dime values by year, coin varieties, and specific grade.

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